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Why Patients With Disabilities Need Our Help

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My grandmother inspired me to help others

Seeing the pain she suffered combing her hair and buttoning a shirt, I became a physical therapist to help others become more independent.


Helping David fight his fears

After a serious infection, my patient David’s leg was amputated. During our time together, I coached David through his fears about how to adjust to his new life.


Slow and steady wins the race

I helped David learn to walk again. The results didn’t have to be perfect, he said, but for David the ability to operate independently meant everything.


Showing off his leg

I’m proud of how far David has come. Now, he wears his pant leg rolled up to show off his prosthetic, and he’s willing to share his story to help others.


Getting Sandra back on her feet

Sandra suffered a stroke that left her unable to walk or move one side of her body. Together, we set out to get her moving again.


Taking on the stairs

“Place cane. Straighten left leg. Lift right leg. Place on stair. Pull myself up.”

Sandra and I developed this mantra as we worked to get her walking again.


Getting Sandra ready to go home

Before Sandra left, I helped fit a brace to support her weaker leg — giving her help with everyday tasks, like stepping into the shower.


A dreaded floor

At home, Sandra will run into challenges and I won’t be there to help. That’s why we focused on practicing getting up off the floor after a fall.


The best part of my job

At the end of the day, my job is about helping my patients. It doesn’t get any better than seeing someone walk for the first time in months.


Focusing on the care

I don’t pay attention to what kind of health coverage my patients have or if they’re on Medi-Cal. I truly believe that everyone deserves access to care.