SHIFT@TPM is the in-house creative and content studio of Talking Points Memo. SHIFT is a boutique studio of strategists, technologists and designers that creates innovative, ahead-of-market ad campaigns and ad products.

TPM is known for applying the same degree of passion, energy and intelligence to our business side as we do to our editorial content. As a result, SHIFT@TPM has devised ad strategies and products that quite literally shift the way people think about how to build dialog with opinion leaders.

meet the team

Amanda enjoys obsessively reading about publishing/native advertising and just might be America's youngest super-fan of the Charlie Rose Show. If you can't immediately reach her, she has probably signed up to be a contestant on The Bachelor. Interests: native content, client management, account strategy, sales, product.

Joe enjoys hopelessly rooting for the Cleveland Browns, reading biographies and drinking Irish whiskey. He moved to Bushwick because it was cheap and now he's told it's cool. Interests: publishing, technology development, design, product, data and programmatic advertising.

Derick is into boats, hardboiled fiction, and weird yard games. He prefers tropical islands but will settle for Manhattan. Interests: design, product, tech development, data, publishing strategy.

Christine enjoys hiking, traveling, and summer days at the beach. She has very high standards for burritos and continues to search for the best on in NYC (its a tough city for a burrito diva). Interests: Design, Product, technology development.

Matt codes from his home in beautiful Golden, Colorado. When not hacking away he likes to boulder [at a very cool gym] Interests: technology development.

Tom is a noted New Jerseyan and a Nicolas Cage appreciator. He lives in Brooklyn. Interests: technology development.

Gayatri loves poetry, crochet, and singing spontaneously (to the embarrassment of those around her). If she zones out for a second, it's probably because she's thinking about cheese fries. Interests: sales, client management, social and data.